Gerrit Cole Holds the Key to the World Series

Gerrit Cole, the New York Yankees’ ace, is going to have to keep pitching like an ace if the team wants to win the World Series this year. 

Cole is the pitcher that can easily pitch seven or eight strong innings each game. When he does this the Yankees just need Zach Britton (or Chad Green) and Aroldis Chapman to close out the game. This would take the pressure off the bullpen and would help them get an extra day of rest.

Playoff Mode

In the previous game that Cole pitched against the Indians in the Wild Card, he struck out 13 batters in seven innings pitched. There were 18 instances in which his first pitch was called a strike.  You could tell his game plan was to get an early advantage in the count by throwing a strike on the first pitch over the hitters.

Cole vs Bieber
Gerrit Cole did what Shane Bieber couldn’t in Game 1 and was a huge reason why they won that series. Picture from

Strengths of Gerrit Cole

The poise that Cole brings is undeniable and contagious throughout the team. He is so confident in what he brings to the table as he is one of the best pitchers in the game. That 97-99 mph fastball of his is so hard to hit for batters going against him. No wonder the Yankees conveyed him as their number one player in free agency last offseason. The Yankees’ White Whale!

Having an Ace Like Cole

It’s never a good scenario to lose playoff games where your ace pitches because it puts more pressure on your team’s 2nd and 3rd starters. The ace always should set the tone for the entire team in that game and in the series. In this case, Gerrit Cole has proven he can set the tone and help get the Yankees that crucial Game 1 victory. If the Yankees can win all his starts, they not only have a great case to represent the American League in the World Series but also to win their 28th World Series!

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